Before saying anything please know that all secrets are submitted and that this is where you can submit them :)   Welcome to Parasecrets. This tumblr will be a place where you can share all your secrets about Paramore you would be ashamed/scared of sharing otherwise. All you have to do is write your secret in the ask box, I will make a graphic out of it and then upload it as a photo post. If you choose to submit your secret unanonymously, I won't reveal your URL, the secrets are 100% anonymous. Your secrets can be about anything as long as it is somehow related to Paramore.However, I won't post secrets similar to those posted before nor secrets containing injustified hatred/insults/racism/threats. Please check the tag list below before submitting a secret. /!\ All the secrets are submitted and I don't necessarily agree with all of them.  stalkers stalking
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After a few months break, this blog is finally back!

Go ahead and submit your parasecrets !

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versaconfessions asked: hi, i just started a new blog similar to yours but VersaEmerge, could you possibly premote us? thank you :)


Hey everyone go follow this new blog and submit your secrets ! :) 

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Big news everyone, please read this


I’m done with this blog, I’ve been thinking about stopping it for a long time now and I’m finally doing it, I don’t like feeling obligated to make GIFs and edits all the time so from now on I’ll make some from time to time still, when I’ll feel like it but I’ll post them on my personal blog wich is

I didn’t do it yet because I didn’t want to lose all the followers that I have here, but I realised that I have twice as much followers on my main blog and that a good part of them are paramore fans anyway, so why should I bother having two accounts? 

I’ll follow some more Paramore blogs there but only a few of my favorites since I already follow quite a big number of blogs .If you still want to follow me on my other blog, thank you so much and if you don’t want to I understand perfectly because I post about 30% about Paramore but the rest is a big mixture of a lot of fandom that you may not like 

Anyway thank you so much to all the 362 of you for following me despite of my shitty edits and lack of posting sometimes, it’s been a great adventure <3

- Perrine

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#i'm a bit sad to do this  #i gave up on that blog a while ago but still  #wow i didn't expect it to be that long