Before saying anything please know that all secrets are submitted and that this is where you can submit them :)   Welcome to Parasecrets. This tumblr will be a place where you can share all your secrets about Paramore you would be ashamed/scared of sharing otherwise. All you have to do is write your secret in the ask box, I will make a graphic out of it and then upload it as a photo post. If you choose to submit your secret unanonymously, I won't reveal your URL, the secrets are 100% anonymous. Your secrets can be about anything as long as it is somehow related to Paramore.However, I won't post secrets similar to those posted before nor secrets containing injustified hatred/insults/racism/threats. Please check the tag list below before submitting a secret. /!\ All the secrets are submitted and I don't necessarily agree with all of them. ┬ástalkers stalking
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    I think it’s just about time to get over the farro’s leaving too. stop being angry, don’t harass anyone and just look...
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